Frank Eric Carlson and John W. Toby

Deceased: 7 March 1951

Under: Obituary

With deep regret we announce the accidental deaths of Frank Eric Carlson and John W. Toby on March 7th, 1951.

Frank Eric Carlson was born in Brooklyn, New York, on January 5, 1911.

He started to work for Aramco on August 1, 1948 as a Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic, assigned to the Ras Tanura District. Following his long vacation he returned to Saudi Arabia for his second tour on December 7, 1950 with his wife, Lillian, and daughters, Fern and Nancy. Prior to service with Aramco, Frank was employed by the Hardy Mfg. Co. of Los Angeles, California. From 1943 to 1945, he was Chief Engineer with the U. S. Army Transportation Corps.

John W. Toby was born in DeRidder, Louisiana, on March 7, 1929. John arrived in Saudi Arabia on November 19, 1950, employed as a driller by the Geophysical Services Inc. out of Dallas, Texas. John W. Toby was the second youngest of eight brothers and sisters; his Mother and Father reside at DeRidder, Louisiana.

Burials were in the Dhahran Cemetery on Saturday morning, March 10th, 1951. To the relatives and friends of both these men we extend our deepest sympathy.

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