George W. Frick, Jr.

Deceased: 6 February 1978

Under: Obituary

George W. Frick, Jr., superintendent of the North Refinery in Ras Tanura, died on Feb. 6 in an auto-pedestrian accident in New Jersey. Mr. Frick was 35 years old. Memorial services were held Feb. 10 in the Najmah Theater.

Mr. Frick, a graduate of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of New York, joined the company's Oil Manufacturing and Terminaling Organization in September 1972. The following year he was named supervisor of the Operations Services Unit and in August 1975 he was appointed superintendent of the North Refinery. During the past year he served in a number of acting and developmental assignments within his department.

George Frick was an active member of the Ras Tanura community throughout his Aramco career. He was a member of the tennis group, the Yacht Club, the Ras Tanura Players and the AEA which he served in a number of capacities. He was elected president of that organization in 1973 and also organized the Ras Tanura Community Fair under AEA auspices in 1976.

Mr. Frick is survived by his widow, Bonnie, and two children, Michelle, 10, and Brian, 7. Michelle was in the fourth grade and Brian in the first grade of the Najmah School.

My children and I would like to thank all our friends in the Aramco communities who have shown us such limitless support, concern and love during this most devastating time in our lives. The abundance of cards, letters, cables and phone calls we have received has served as our lifeline through the past weeks. We hope you will not forget us as time goes on because you will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

We also hope many of you will stop by Flemington and spend a few days of your vacation with us. Our doors will always be open to you there as they were open in Ras Tanura. Sincerely, Bonnie, Michelle and Brian Frick 52 Pennsylvania Ave, Flemington, N. J. 08822. Phone: 201-782-0606 [Photograph]

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