Hassan A. Salah

Deceased: 30 April 1977

Under: Obituary

Hassan A. Salah, foreman of the Treating Unit in the South Refinery Division in Ras Tanura, died April 30 in a motor vehicle accident while on his way to work from his home in Safwa.

Mr. Saleh joined the company in January 1945 and was assigned to the Sanitation Unit in Ras Tanura. Two years later he transferred to the South Refinery Division where he was to spend the remainder of his 32-year Aramco career. He had been foreman of the Treating Unit since 1965. [Photograph]

We want to express our sincere appreciation to all the many friends and associates who were so generous with their kindness and sympathy since the death of Hassan A. Saleh. We are deeply grateful. Family members of Hassan A. Saleh.

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