Hugh James Haughian

15 January 1897 - 25 July 1946

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On July 25, 1946, in the early morning hours the Great Maker took Hugh James Haughian away very silently.

We will always remember a great big man, with a big heart. [w]e called him "Irish" and rightfully so, for he was a proud part of the old sod. The Arabs who worked with him adopted his brogue; they admired him as strongly as we did.

His smile and his genial greeting to all was infectious - it always made us feel better to know that Hughie was near. Now that he has gone for a while, we will try to carry on where he left off. We will miss him.

Hughie was born in County Down, Ireland on January 15, 1897. He arrived in the United States in the early 20's and shortly after became an American citizen. He always followed his profession, that of a Stonemason; a short time prior to 1944 he was connected with Cusack Brothers of Brooklyn, New York, for over 11 years.

He became connected with Aramco on September 23, 1944 and arrived in Arabia on January 26, 1945.

To his wife Sarah, and his daughter Barbara, and the other members of his family, Tom Graham and the entire Field extend heartfelt sympathy. It will be consoling to them to know that every last detail was followed at the funeral, in keeping with the belief which Hughie carried in his heart.

Please, from Abqaiq

All the fellows out here wish to express sincere condolences to Hughie's family. For more than the last six months he had been part of our daily life here, and a more congenial, non-complaining, all-around friend it was hard to find. So long, fellow.

"The Boys at Abqaiq"

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