Janny Slotboom

9 November 1932 - 24 December 2022

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Janny Slotboom
Janny Slotboom


To our great sorrow, my dear mother passed away, she settled on the island Wieringen never to fly out again.

November 9, 1932

Passed away:
December 24, 2022

Arleen and Rik

Hans Slotboom RIP
Monique Slotboom RIP

Mary and Hans
Gre Swint
Paul and Grant

Correspondence Address:
Arleen Slotboom
Stroeerweg 11
1777ND Hippolytushoef
The Netherlands

We will say goodbye to Janny on January 2 at 2:14 p.m. at "Museumboerderij Jan Lont", Stroeerweg 39 to the General Cemetery (Heidense Kaped) on Stroe, where we will guide Janny to her final resting place.


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