Khamis Bahnan

Deceased: 25 March 1979

Under: Obituary

Memorial services will be held in the Dhahran Theater on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for Khamis Bahnan, who died here on Sunday, March 25.

Mr. Bahnan was born in Jerusalem in April 1924 and joined the Aramco Industrial Relations organization in 1950, where he held positions as personnel advisor and labor relations advisor before joining the Employment and Placement Division as an employment advisor in January 1962. His most recent position was that of employment area coordinator.

Mr. Bahnan is survived by his widow, Nadia, and two children: daughter Nadine, 8, and son Judeh, 6. [Photograph]

We wish to express our gratitude for the many kindnesses evidenced in thought, visit and deed and for our many friends' attendance at the memorial service. The comfort and sympathy extended to us during this bleak period has been a real consolation. Nadia, Nadine and Judeh Bahnan.

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