Mohammad Sharif

Deceased: 6 February 2023

Under: Obituary

Inna Llillah Wa Inna Eleh Rajeon

Mohammad Sharif

Late Mohammad Sharif, badge #72876, Ex-Senior Reservoir Engineer, Petroleum Engineering Department, Saudi Aramco, died in Karachi on February 06, 2023. He joined Saudi Aramco in December 1974 and worked until December 1985.


Master of Science (M.Sc.) Geology
University of Sindh Jamshoro


Senior Geologist, Oil & Gas Development Corporation, Pakistan for 5 years 1969-1974.

Senior Reservoir Engineer, Saudi Aramco for 11 years 1974-1985.

Consultant at BP Pakistan for 2 years 1986-1988.

Senior Reservoir Engineer at Pakistan Petroleum Limited for 14 years 1989-2003.

Professor at Karachi University & NED Engineering University & Technology, Karachi for 7 years 2003-2010.

Consultant - Self-employed Petroleum Engineering consultancy from 2011-2022.

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