Richard N. Ford

Deceased: 5 May 1975

Under: Obituary

Services were held Saturday in the Abqaiq Theater for Richard N. Ford, 53, who died suddenly on May 5 in Abqaiq.

Mr. Ford, a BSCE graduate of Lehigh University, was an Aramco employee for two years, 1952-54, as area engineer, Abqaiq. He was rehired in 1971 as maintenance engineer, Northern Area Producing Division, Abqaiq.

Surviving Mr. Ford are his wife, Gloria, daughter Lorane, 20, a freshman at the University of Syracuse, N.Y.; two sons: Richard, 19, studying at Macalester College, St. Paul, Minn.; and Peter, 16, studying at the Vershire School, Vt.

Mrs. Ford can be contacted at 3105 Crownview Drive, Rancho Polas Verdes Estates, Calif. 90274. [Photograph]

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