Robert Escobar

Deceased: 19 May 1975

Under: Obituary

Robert Escobar, Aramco annuitant and most recently an Aramco consultant, died on May 19 in Dhahran. Mr. Escobar, who had seen service in Arabia as a Bechtel employee in the early 50's, joined Aramco in February 1963. A welding specialist, he first worked in Dhahran and in 1969 transferred to Ras Tanura as metals specialist at the Refinery and Terminal. He retired in September 1974.

Mr. Escobar returned to Saudi Arabia two months after his retirement to supervise operations at the Thugba Welding School, a training venture ran by Aramco for contract employees.

Mr. Escobar is survived by his widow, who resides at 2427 Barbara Street, San Pedro, Calif., 90731.

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