Photo of the Week - Spring 2021

Contributed by Archives of Ray Stevens, Wendy Cocker, The Arabian Sun, Kent Howell, Folke Johansson, Furqan A. Qidwai, John Makkinje on 10 March 2021

Under: Photo of the Week
Ras Tanura Sport Rally Tug of War - 1992 Decent Barber Shop in Al Khobar Trans-Arabian Pipe Line Season's Greetings from Saudi - Circa 1954 Helicopter Over the Rub’ al-Khali A Long Pipeline into the Desert The Eastern Province - Spring 1972 The Holy Place - Madinah Majestic Wadi Impressive Spray of Crude at Km 1009 – January 1958 Flowers in the Form of the Kingdom Tent Camp Near Hofuf
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