Photo of the Week - Summer 2017

Contributed by Donna Pugh, Tricia Franck, John Fowler, Marvin Stark, Heart of Texas, Annette Coleson (RT '73), Aramco ExPats, Sheila Stevens, Leslie and Barbara Homolka, Dr. Syed Azam Sher, Schuyler Stuckey, Alice Olsen on 6 June 2017

Under: Photo of the Week

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Celebrating Jim Pugh's 73rd birthday, July 31, 2017 Charlie, Katie and Tricia Franck Al Khobar 1969 1985 Ras Tanura Raft Races Only in Texas Fred Bobb and Karen Herman in 1978 on the sand dunes of Half Moon Bay Aramco Brats Amy (Werner) Fox and Dan Fox with Rusty Swayne Let the Rodeo Begin Barbara Homolka with her Kitten Companion Three Generations of Shers Hiking at Shrine Pass Hofuf 1985
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