SAEEA - May Meeting and Visits

Contributed by Iqbal Khan on 17 May 2011

Under: Asian Subcontinent
The office bearers of Ex-Saudi Aramco Employees Association Mohammad Khalid Khan Mohammad Abdul Matin, Engr Iqbal Ahmed Khan, and Kamal Farooqi with Mohammad Khalid Khan IA Chistey and Ghulam Qutubuddin Khan Kamal Farooqi, IA Chistey, Iqbal Khan, Atique Ur Rehman, and Abdur Rehman Mr. IA Chistey Muzzamil Hussain Khan Afridi MA Matin, Kamal Farooqi, and Ghulam Qutubuddin Khan Atiq Ur Rehman Service award of Chistey Sahib
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