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The Frederick Gunn School

“A Good Person is Always Learning” - Our motto purposefully speaks to the student experience through our programs and curriculum. Learning is a lifelong journey and we aim to lay the foundation by encouraging students to think for themselves, to express their beliefs confidently and persuasively, and to stand up both for themselves and others. Graduates are prepared to be active citizens - active in changing the world in the same entrepreneurial way that Frederick Gunn changed the world.

For over 170 years, students at the Frederick Gunn School have been living out the philosophy of its founder. We teach them to follow Mr. Gunn’s example: to cultivate wisdom, to be trailblazers, to act with conviction, and to value character as highly as intellect and achievement.

Of our 315 students approximately 75% are boarders. Our day students are fully integrated into the dorm experience and all aspects of campus life. Boarders have Day students as roommates and most day students eat 3 meals a day on campus as well as sleepover on the weekends. It is often hard to tell the difference between day students and boarding students.

Mr. Gunn welcomed the wider world to his school back in 1870. His unique and unprecedented international student program is still thriving today. With over 60 students from more than 20 different countries living on campus, the Frederick Gunn School is a welcoming place for everyone. All students are able to explore their interests and passions alongside people from across the globe giving them a broad range of perspectives and experiences to enhance their learning.

The Frederick Gunn School
The Frederick Gunn School

The Frederick Gunn School is located in Washington, Connecticut, an area that is rich in culture and style, surrounded by Steep Rock Preserve’s natural beauty. The school is set on an impressive 220 acres that also encompasses a boathouse on Lake Waramaug, an outdoor classroom, multiple sporting fields and an undeveloped pocket of land that is used for outdoor adventures.

At the Frederick Gunn School we almost never walk in a straight line. Our paths skirt around a stand of trees, past rocky outcroppings and up or down hills. Nature is all around us at FGS, so we meander, a constant reminder that life’s path is rarely straight. On a beautiful day you will find classes being held outside in The Quad or in our outdoor classroom at Kempton. Friday and Saturday nights there are fire pits held around campus for students to gather around and spend time with friends, outside enjoying peace and fellowship.

Innovation Track
Our innovative and real-world programming allows students to gain real experience learning and practicing skills that will prepare them for all that is beyond their time at FGS. The school’s Innovation Track provides a multi-year learning journey, allowing students to explore sciences, engineering, technology and entrepreneurship as a path toward pursuing these passions in college and beyond.

Center For Just Democracy
At its core, we are developing engaged citizens - students that learn to lead. We value engagement over cynicism, involvement over aloofness, action over acquiescence, creators not consumers. We do this through a 4 year curriculum that leads students on a journey of self awareness, making healthy choices and becoming intentional learners. Students will reflect upon their own moral code as well as develop skills as a responsible digital citizen. They will learn to champion diversity, equity and inclusion and develop public speaking skills and interpersonal skills that they will take with them into life beyond the Frederick Gunn School.

What does it mean to be a “Force for Good”? Being good or doing good? We take our cue from Mr. Gunn and emphasize doing good. We ask students to be independently minded to develop a larger perspective to look beyond themselves. We ask them to think about their role as part of a community. We encourage them to act and be a force for good.

Gunn Outdoors
Our Gunn Outdoors Program is a cornerstone of the student experience at the Frederick Gunn School. Allowing students to take risks, problem-solve, collaborate and navigate a world that doesn’t conform to their every desire. Students learn the important lesson that it is good to do hard things. Discomfort is not the end of the world but it is often the prerequisite to self-discovery and true accomplishment.

The Frederick Gunn School offers over 115 courses with a student to teacher ratio of 5:1. The comprehensive curriculum includes more than 35 diverse honors and AP courses as well as independent study options to further broaden our students' study programs.

The Frederick Gunn School

Center for Academic Excellence
Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Center for Academic Excellence. While our academic program is rigorous, it is also personalised and so is the support each student receives. If our students ask for help to find a better way, a smarter solution or a go-to strategy they will find the help and resources they need at the CAE.

Students can work one on one with experienced learning specialists who will coach them in different study techniques, learning strategies and systems that enable students to become efficient, effective and independent learners. The CAE is accessible to all students for writing workshops, peer tutoring and drop in meetings.

The Frederick Gunn School
The Frederick Gunn School

Athletics & The Arts
At the Frederick Gunn School students compete on 35 teams in 15 different sports. Even while taking their talents to the highest level, they learn to look beyond the X’s and O’s to develop discipline, dedication and resilience - Character qualities that will resonate throughout life.

The Frederick Gunn School has 5 athletic fields including a turf field. The athletic centre features two full sized basketball gyms and training spaces. Students have the use of 8 tennis courts, a boathouse and the state of the art Emerson Fitness Center featuring Peloton bikes, cardio machines and the latest strength and conditioning equipment and spaces.

Fall Sports include Field Hockey, Soccer, Crew, Cross Country, 8 player Football.
Winter Sports include Ice Hockey, Basketball and Skiing
Spring Sports Include Crew, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Golf and Ultimate Frisbee.

There are also other athletic pursuits that students can choose to be involved in that develops their strength, cardiovascular system, speed and balance. These co-curricular teams vary each season to ensure our students are kept at peak fitness throughout the year.

The Frederick Gunn School places equal emphasis on the Arts as it does Athletics. The $22 million Thomas S. Perakos Arts and Community Center (TPACC) is named after Tony Award winning Broadway producer and alumnus Thomas Perakos ‘69. It is home to the school's acclaimed performing arts and visual arts programs.

TPACC is truly the place where every student goes every day. Whether it is to participate in the Stage Combat class, practise their musical instrument, develop the film from their photography class in the purpose built dark rooms or come together for school meetings our students are always using the state of the center to its capacity and its intention.

There are two major productions each year; a play in the Fall and a musical in the Winter. Students sing, dance, act, build sets, serve as costume designers and creators, choreographers, musicians, lighting, sound and technical managers. There is a place for every student no matter their skills or experience. This student centric environment pushes them to explore and develop skills and passions beyond even their wildest dreams.

The Frederick Gunn School

Tours and applications are now open for the 2022-23 Academic year. We welcome you to campus to tour with one of our Student Tour Guides and speak with our admissions team. If you are unable to visit with us we can take you on a virtual tour of our campus and surrounding areas. The choice is yours.

Please head to our website for more information and to fill out an inquiry form and request a tour.

Application deadline: 15 January 2022
Offer Date: 10 March 2022
Acceptance Date: 10 April 2022
Move-in Day: 6 September 2022

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The Frederick Gunn School

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