ZeeMaps for Aramco ExPats

In August 2016 we introduced readers to ZeeMaps.com, a website that allows groups of individuals to enter information about where they live—anywhere in the world. That information is then graphically illustrated by colored balloons on a scalable map of the world. This allows friends to find out where other friends may be living. To date, over 400 Aramco ExPats have posted their location information on the Aramco ExPats map. Most of the posts have come from ExPats living in North America, while smaller concentrations represent ExPats living in Europe and Asia. Countries currently represented include the United States, Canada, Panama, U.K., Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Australia, and dozens more. I would like to personally invite any reader who has not yet joined to see the Aramco ExPats map below, explore how their fellow ExPats are spread out around the globe and consider adding their name and location to the growing roster of participants.

To enter your information and join in the fun:

1) click on the Plus + sign in the upper right-hand corner of the map below and fill in your information. Your email will not be displayed!

2) when prompted, enter Key or Password: aramcoexpats

3) complete the remaining information, i.e., email address, physical address (a street address is not required - if you provide one, it will not be displayed), first and last name, and whether you are a Retiree, Aramcon, Brat, etc. Press submit.

4) Important! You will be prompted to copy and save a URL (web address) unique to you. Please don't forget to do this! You will use this URL to copy and paste in your browser's search feature to access the Aramco ExPats ZeeMaps page and to make changes to your information. Please keep a copy of your URL for your records.

You can easily enlarge the map below or reduce it in size by using the + / - sign in the bottom right-hand corner of the map. You can shift its focal point by clicking and dragging your mouse or using your arrow keys, just like you would similarly maneuver on Google Maps.

We welcome any input from you that will help us make better use of this fascinating tool. If you have suggestions or questions, please email [email protected].

See you soon on the Aramco ExPats map!

Vicci Turner

Happy New Year!

Key or Password: aramcoexpats

Key or Password: aramcoexpats