Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah, "Pleasant Days," is produced for annuitants, families and friends of Saudi Aramco, formerly Aramco, and its associated companies by Aramco Services Company. Please enjoy downloading the PDF files of the current and past issues of Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah. Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah - Fall 2008 Mollie Kennedy Brooks cried. Steve Furman sported a mile-wide grin. And Caryll Hayden Goodale fainted. Those were just a few of the reactions of the 29 “kids” who shook hands with King Abdullah ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz onMay 20 in Dhahran, 61 years after meeting his father, King ‘Abd al-‘Aziz, at almost exactly the same spot.

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Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah