In managing water resources, countries such as Saudi Arabia find themselves walking a tightrope. Arid nations not only must secure quality water resources but also manage supply and demand of clean water for generations to come. Water conservation is therefore one of the Kingdom’s highest priorities. At Saudi Aramco, we are committed to minimizing pressure on nonrenewable groundwater and maximizing its future availability. To minimize groundwater use, we optimize water consumption, minimize water losses, maximize wastewater reuse, and promote use of sustainable alternatives to groundwater. We have a companywide water conservation program, with measures applied under the auspices of the Water Conservation Policy. Also as part of conservation efforts, our Environmental Protection Department requests each facility to develop a Water Conservation Roadmap to assist facilities in aligning their conservation efforts with the company’s broader water conservation strategy. Our hard work is paying off: We treat and reuse about 75% of our generated sanitary wastewater. Elsewhere, flow meters have been installed in facilities companywide to monitor water cycles, further identifying conservation opportunities. We also actively monitor shallow groundwater levels at nearly 60 operating facilities Kingdomwide. Annual sampling and laboratory analysis helps track changes and potential risks to the water supply. Individuals must play a role, too. Quickly repair leaks at home, install more environmentally-friendly plumbing, and avoid letting water run needlessly. Always fill the dishwasher and clothes washer completely to reduce water usage, and store drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap to get cold water. Actions such as these may seem like common sense, but they’ll benefit the Kingdom’s environment and economy in the long run if we act now in our daily lives.