Hayder Retires After 14 Years of Service

Muhammed Ehteshamul (Ehtesham) Hayder, a petroleum engineering system specialist with the Petroleum Engineering Department, has retired from the company after 14 years of service. Born in Bangladesh, Ehteshamul and his wife, Mina, arrived in Saudi Arabia in 2001. Previously, Ehtesham worked for NASA Research Centers in Cleveland, Ohio, and Hampton, Virginia, in the U.S. One of his career highlights was being part of the Saudi Aramco team that helped design the Linux Cluster Parallel Computing with Infiniband high-speed interconnect for reservoir simulation. Ehtesham holds a doctorate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University, New Jersey, an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Tulane University in Louisiana, and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Technology (BUET) from the Bangladesh University of Engineering. In addition, working with his colleagues in EXPEC Computing Center, he developed software for coupled reservoir simulation with POWERS, a Saudi Aramco in-house reservoir simulator and a vendor software for the surface facilities network. Ehtesham worked closely with the Reservoir Management Group to optimize production in the Qatif and Abqaiq fields. He also contributed to optimizing and the adding of new features to POWERS. He was part of the development team that developed fault tolerant parallel computation strategies for reservoir simulations. Ehtesham regards the most rewarding aspect of his career the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment with people from across the world. Many of them have been “like family,” he says. Besides being a scientist, Ehtesham is an avid photographer with a keen interest in travel. In his free time, he enjoys gardening and the nurturing of organic vegetables. He was also an active member of the Dhahran Cricket Association (DCA) and the Dhahran Badminton Association (DBA). Mina has a Master of Fine Arts in painting from City University of New York and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in classical music from M.S. University of Baroda, India. Mina was an artist of some renown in Dhahran and received a number of awards for her artwork. She had multiple group and solo exhibitions in New York, Canada, Bangladesh, and Dhahran. She was also a popular art teacher. Her interests also include ceramics, creative cooking, reading literature, traveling, and photography. She regularly practices Tai Chi and was an active member of the Dhahran Women’s Group and the Dhahran Art Group. She also took on the role of editor for Dhahran’s Art Group newsletter "Fine Line" for four years. She was the chairwoman for the Dhahran Art Group Annual Fine Art Show, “Harmony,” in 2009. In the future, the couple hopes to travel to places such as Alaska, Japan, Paris, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, India, the Maldives, and Tahiti islands. They hope to open their own art studio and museum, and Ethesham wishes to continue work in his field of petroleum engineering and in parallel computing through consulting. The Hayders very much enjoyed living in Dhahran, and both feel sad about leaving their many friends in Dhahran. They can be contacted by writing 2614 Meadowlark Hills Court, Spring TX, U.S.A. 77389, or by emailing mehayder@yahoo.com.