The new area is located in a room between the Middle East and Czechoslovakian Airlines.

New Clearance For Passports - 1962
Veteran Travel and Passport section employees Margaret Driggers and Mohammed Faleh Ghadh'aa demonstrate new passport procedure Aramco personnel will follow at the new Dhahran Airport Terminal.

From the July 4, 1962 edition of the Sun and Flare.

A new passport procedure for Aramco foreign employees and visitors of Aramco became effective with the opening July 1 of the new terminal building at Dhahran International Airport.

After checking baggage with the airline, outgoing Aramco passengers will pick up their passports at the Aramco Passport Service counter located on the right side of the airline ticket counter in the main lobby of the terminal. The counter, which will be manned by Aramco personnel around the clock seven days a week, is located by Room 149 between the Middle East and Czechoslovakian Airlines.

Saudi employees who have their passports in their possession need not check in with the Aramco Passport Service desk.

Passengers will be given a "departure card" that must be completed in full and inserted in the passport. The passenger should then descend the stairs to the left of the ticket counters to the baggage room where Saudi Arabia Customs officials will clear the baggage.

After clearance, the baggage will be taken by wagon directly to the aircraft.

New Clearance For Passports - 1962


— The Arabian Sun: July 04, 2023