SAEEA Monthly Meeting Minutes for July 2012

SAEEA July 2012 Meeting

The monthly meeting of Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association (SAEEA) Sindh based was held on June 02, 2012. The attendees were as follows:

  • Kamal Ahmed Farooqi
  • Ghulam Qutubuddin Khan
  • Sher Ali
  • Mohammad Abdul Matin
  • Shafiq Ahmed Khan
SAEEA July 2012 Meeting

Following are the highlights:

  • Kamal A. Farooqi explained the activities during the month of June 2012.
  • KAF updated all attendees about current progress of SAEEA Website. Eighty-five percent of the work is completed and SAEEA is in the final stage to launch the website.
  • It was decided to collect subscription for next year (July 01, 2012 to June 30, 2013) at the time of SAEEA 5th reunion/Eid Millan on August 29, 2012.
  • SAEEA bye-laws are still under review with a professional Lawyer.
  • SAEEA decided to designate one of the current Saudi Aramco Pakistani Employees who may provide updated information about Pakistanis currently working for the Company. SAEEA picked one of the Employees and sent an invitation letter him.
  • KAF informed all attendees that SAEEA VP, Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan, who is currently in the United States, visited ASC Office, Houston and met with Mr. Arthur Clark. Arthur gave him the VVIP treatment. Iqbal briefed Arthur about SAEEA in detail; the exchanged information will be beneficial for SAEEA and ASC as well.
  • The Ladies Representative, Mrs. Mahtab is out of Country until the first week of August. During her absence, Mrs. Manzoor Shaikh and Mrs. Younus Shaikh have been looking over her activities. These Ladies will continue to assist Mrs. Mahtab in the future.
  • The Treasurer, Sher Ali presented an updated account of SAEEA.
  • SAEEA Office bearers visited Kifayaturrahman who had heart surgery very recently. They also visited Hakim Abbas who was admitted to a local hospital for a major operation.
SAEEA July 2012 Meeting

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