Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees who migrated from Saudi Arabia to North America or Canada do visit their families in Pakistan or India on a regular basis. Most of their close relatives are all in their home countries.

Shahab Shaikh Visit to Pakistan from Canada
SS Shaikh #141025 at the Holy Mosque in Makkah while performing Umra

Shahab Shaikh an Indian (#141025) married to a Pakistani girl migrated to Canada after retirement from Saudi Aramco in 2011. He was retired from Ras Tanura Producing Department (RTPD) later settled in Toronto, Canada. As there was a wedding in a close relatives so Shaikh decided to visit the family. The plan was made in such a way that he could perform Umra in Saudi Arabia attend the wedding and also visit the in Laws of his daughter in Lahore Pakistan.

Shahab Shaikh Visit to Pakistan from Canada
Khalil Ahmed, Muhammed Uzair Qureshi (The Bride Groom) and Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan

The trip started during December 2017 and January 2018, visited Makkah and performed Umra. While in Makkah he communicated with all friends in Ras Tanura and rest of the Saudi Aramco Facilities. Here his younger brother Tahir Shaikh (#142617) came to Makkah to visit him from Riyadh. Tahir got retired in 2017 but still living in Riyadh as his son is completing his schooling. Tahir retired from East West Pipelines Department. After performing Umra he visited Madina Munawwara and stayed there for few days.

Shahab Shaikh Visit to Pakistan from Canada
SS Shaikh enjoying the Wagah Border “Lowering the flags between Pakistan & India Ceremony”

The Wagah Border between India and Pakistan is home to a daily ceremony of the 'lowering of the flags' between the two nations. This is a must see event for anyone in Lahore, or from the Indian side as well.

Later Shaikh came over to Karachi to meet all the relatives of his wife in Karachi. Stayed in Karachi and then went to Lahore to visit the In-Laws of his daughter Rafiah. While he was in Lahore the host family took him to Wagah Boarder between Pakistan and India where the “Lowering of the flags” ceremony was a daily function.

Shahab Shaikh Visit to Pakistan from Canada
SS Shaikh with his son-in-law Laeeq Qureshi and his elder brother Attiq Qureshi at the Bahria Grand Mosque in Lahore.
Shahab Shaikh Visit to Pakistan from Canada
Shaikh with Attiq Qureshi while visiting the Khewra Salt Mines Punjab.

Later he visited the Grand Mosque in Bahria Town Lahore and then he visited the Khewra Salt Mine, Origin of Pink Himalayan Salt-A natural Asthma treatment. Few video clips are attached to understand the details of all these places visited by Shaikh.

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Bahria Town Lahore Masjid

As they returned from Lahore to Karachi they were joined by their two sons, daughter in law and two grand-daughters. Shahab Shaikh has four sons and a daughter who all live in Canada. Eldest son Junaid is an IT Graduate from Drexel University in Philadelphia and is married and has two lovely daughters Mishel and Ayat. Danish Shaikh is working as Senior Manager in TD Bank. Daughter Rafiah graduated from York University in Toronto and she is married to Laeeq Qureshi from UK. Son Nabeel is Accounting Graduate from York University and also working for TD Bank. The youngest son Ramiz is in the final year of Chemical Engineering from Lake Head University in Ontario, Canada.

Shahab Shaikh Visit to Pakistan from Canada
Danish Shaikh, Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan, SS Shaikh, Junaid Shaikh at the Valima Reception
Shahab Shaikh Visit to Pakistan from Canada
SS Shaikh, Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Danish Shaikh, Junaid Shaikh, Laeeq Qureshi at the Valima reception in Karachi

A Valima reception for Muhammed Uzair Qureshi was held in Karachi on January 15, 2018 where few of the Old friends from Saudi Aramco and Saudi Electric Company attended the function. The invited Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees who were invited are as follows:

  • Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan - Ex-RTPD
  • Engr. SW Fakhri - Ex-PDD
  • Ilyas Ahmed Siddiqui - Ex-AAPMD
  • Khalid Ahmed - Old Friend of Shaikh

Fakhri and Ilyas could not attend due to some prior commitments with their families. It was a very good gathering. Shaikh introduced Mr. Khalil Ahmed a very old friend to Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan. It was a pleasure meeting the sons of Shahab Shaikh after a long time. Shahab is scheduled to leave on January 21, 2018 to Canada. We wish him a safe flight to Canada.