Longtime writer-editor steps down after more than three decades in Aramco's Public Affairs.

Sun Staff Bids Farewell to Publications John DSouza - 1990

From the Aug. 1, 1990 edition of The Arabian Sun.

John D'Souza's familiar face no longer greets visitors to the office of "The Arabian Sun." He and his wife, Celine, departed al-Khobar last month to retire in Canada.

D'Souza joined the company in 1955. During his long career, he performed a variety of jobs for Public Affairs, serving most often as proof-reader and editor for company publications.

"The Arabian Sun" has been the focus of his career. He became a familiar face behind the "Sun's" front desk. The staff depended on D'Souza's knowledge of the company, his ability to answer almost any question regarding grammar or accepted writing style, and his proofing skills.

Not much escaped D'Souza's keen eye. He often caught errors other proofers missed. He also shared the responsibility for laying out the paper each week and trekked to the press each Tuesday to see that the paper was printed and ready for its Wednesday distribution to the Aramco communities.

D'Souza retired as a writer-editor.

D'Souza's wife, Celine, whom he married in Bombay, Indian, in 1959, worked for 11 years as a secretary for Organization and Industrial Engineering, and for Consulting Services, a division of Corrosion Control.

John and Celine have two children. Their daughter, Anita, works at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Hospital in Manhattan, N.Y. her husband, Dr. Neil-Alan Mariados, who is the son of retired Aramcons Tony and Zena Mariados, was born at Dhahran Health Center and attended Dhahran Academy. He is a resident physician at a hospital in Princeton, N.J., where they live.

John and Celine's son, Aaron, attends Nassau College on Long Island, N.Y.

The D'Souzas plan to live in Toronto, Canada.

Sun Staff Bids Farewell to Publications John DSouza - 1990


— The Arabian Sun: August 01, 2023