Twenty-nine students finish up their studies at Aramco schools.

Twenty-nine Aramcadets Graduate, Ceremonies Held - 1952
The Graduation Class at Dhahran consisted of David Biggins, Patricia Elmira Cain, Donald L. Coleman, Try-Lyn Estelle Cruse, William K. Erlenmeyer, Barbara Ann Fleharty, Ronald T. Graham, James Edward Hefner, Gerald H. Johnson, Myles Duane Jones, Galan Errol Leeman, Maureen Ann McKeegan, Adrienee Lydia Pont, Gary Wane Russell, Gary R. Sanders, Paul L. Schmidbauer, Peter Bates Short, Judith Ann Webster. All of the class were present at the exercises except for Erlenmeyer, who had left for a visit to the United States directly at the close of school.

From the July 30, 1952 edition of The Sun and Flare.

Twenty-nine teenagers, sons and daughters of Aramco families in the field, passed on of the first milestones of their lives when they were graduated from the Senior Staff Schools in three districts.

The Abqaiq Class of 1952 — five strong- received their diplomas from V.T. James on Tuesday, July 22. The Dhahran Class, with 18 members the largest of the three, were handed their diplomas by K.R. Webster, Dhahran District Manager, on Sunday evening, July 20. There were six at the Ras Tanura Graduation exercises on Saturday, July 19. S.R. Whipple gave out the diplomas there.

The guest speaker at each of the three exercises was Dean C. Ken Weidner, Dean of the School of Engineering at the American University of Beirut. He is the first dean of the newly established school at the American University.

Twenty-nine Aramcadets Graduate, Ceremonies Held - 1952


— The Arabian Sun: July 30, 2023