Ras Tanura Refinery (RTR) recently held its annual environmental forum, which highlights efforts in environmental and water management across the company. The forum has brought together international companies, organizations and researchers since its establishment in 2011. Water conservation, water resources, water reuse, wastewater treatment, and groundwater protection development took the spotlight this year. The conference was coordinated by Abdullah Al Duaiji and included the following topics:

  • “Using Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) as Reservoir Injection, Transforming National Environmental Issue Into Valuable Opportunit” by Ahmed Otaibi of Saudi Aramco’s Khurais Producing Department
  • “Dissolved Air Flotation for Treatment of Oily Wastewater: The Use of Sawdust in the Coagulation Process” by Habis S. AL-Zoubi of the Environmental Engineering Department at Dammam University
  • “Oily Wastewater Treatment” by Nidal Samad of Saudi Aramco’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD)
  • “Merichem Spent Caustic Treatment Technologies” by Eli Shaheen of Merichem, USA
  • “Saudi Aramco’s Potable Water Quality Program” by Mohammad Y. Yagout of the Environmental Health Unit in EPD
  • “Introduction to Constructed Wetlands” by Robert Harriott of BAUER Resources, Saudi Arabia
  • “SiC Ceramic Membranes for Groundwater and Produced Water Treatment” by Rainer Siegmeier of LiqTech, Germany
  • “Water-Energy Nexus” by Homoud Al-Mutrafi of Saudi Aramco’s Ju’aymah Natural Gas Liquids Fractionation Department
  • “Water Governance in Drilling and Workover” by James McKeage of Saudi Aramco’s Drilling Operational Excellence and Compliance Division.

The papers addressed core water governance issues and environmental sustainability, which is essential for safeguarding the world’s ecosystems.