A letter from Ali Al-Baluchi.

Greetings! Amira and I are delighted to know that you are gathering here in Southampton for the 8th UK Aramcons reunion and sharing your memories with each other about your days living and working for Aramco.

You will see amongst each other some familiar faces, people who shared their knowledge and experience in developing Saudi Arabia. Their thumbprints have developed some communities like Al-Khobar and Dammam. We are enjoying and appreciating their technical contributions and know-how onwards of many years.

For the past few years, we have been going through some major changes. With Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. These changes are affecting all aspects of our lives. If some of you attended the Fifth Expatriate Reunion in March 2023, you were probably shocked by what you saw during the two-week visit.

Keep in touch with the Steering Committee, as we are planning the next Expat Reunion to be held in Dhahran in February 2027. The organizing and planning team undertake great strides in developing and putting together a well-rounded program.

Until then, enjoy every minute you spend with each other here in England, gathered to reconnect with each other, remembering the beautiful days you spent living and working in Saudi Arabia.

God bless you all!

8th UK Aramcons Reunion Attendees as of April 12, 2023