Arthur W. Machen

Deceased: 5 July 1974

Under: Obituary

Funeral services were held in Abqaiq last Friday, July 5, for Arthur W. Machen, the victim of a highway motor accident on Monday night. Killed in the same vehicle with Mr. Machen was Dwight F. Fries, who was in Arabia on a three-week assignment from the Baroid Division of N. L. Industries in Houston, Tex.

Mr. Machen joined Aramco nine years ago as an assistant foreman in Rotary Drilling. In 1970 he moved to Land Drilling as acting foreman and the following year took the full position of foreman.

He is survived by his wife, Bonnibel, and two young sons, ten-year-old Wade and Gary, seven.

The contact address for the family is 608 Starks Drive, Las Vegas, Nev., 89107. [Photograph]

It is hard for me to write this letter of appreciation to all the many, many friends who have done so much in every way to help during these dark days. A letter of thank you doesn't seem enough. My sons and I thank you with all our heart and soul. The Family of Art Machen.

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