Irving W. Owens

Deceased: 9 March 1947

Under: Obituary

A cable from the Home Office informs Irving W. Owens died on March first.

Irv was well known to the majority in Dhahran for his efforts last summer as Chairman of Entertainment for A.E.A., and for a time he was on the group welcoming the employees; he was the originator in Arabia of Bank Nite.

Irv arrived in Arabia on April 2, 1946 after completing three other foreign contracts, in Trinidad, the Aleutians, and in Greenland. Along about October his health began to fail and his condition was diagnosed as cancer of the stomach. He left Arabia for the States on December 22nd, and some weeks ago word had reached here that his life was slowly ebbing.

He is survived by his wife May Owens, daughter Dorothy Owens, and three married daughters. To them we send our heartfelt sympathy.

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