Joe William Elliott

19 January 1902 - 10 October 1949

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Joe William Elliott died October 10, in the United States.

Joe W. Elliott was born in Kiowa, Kansas on January 19, 1902. He is survived by his wife Beulah who resides at 209 Ramble Street, Hot Spring, Arkansas; and a daughter.

Joe's Service date with Aramco was October 15, 1945, and he first arrived in Saudi Arabia, assigned to the Refinery as a Steamfitter; shortly after he assumed the duties as Operator of the Mail Truck between Ras Tanura and Dhahran, and it was on this assignment he became quite well known to many in Dhahran. He went on Long Vacation April 4, 1948 and returned for a second tour of duty on July 17, 1948. About 8 months later he was confined to the Ras Tanura Hospital and within a matter of weeks it was recommended that Joe be returned to the States. He passed away on October 10, due to cancer of the lungs.

In the time Joe Elliott was in the Field he made a wide range of friends and his passing touched a great many of the old-timers. To his wife we send our condolences.

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