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Besant Hill School
Besant Hill School
Besant Hill School

At Besant Hill, students thrive when they feel safe to express their authentic individuality.

Here, you will be celebrated for your unique qualities, allowing you the space to curiously explore your passions in and out of the classroom, on the stage, in the lab, or wherever you find yourself.

When you have the freedom to understand and love your true self, you will be ready to take on life and live it to its fullest.


Year Founded: 1946
Grades Offered: 9-12, PG
Campus Location: Ojai, California (90 minutes northwest of Los Angeles)
Campus Statistics: 520 Acres
Total number of students: 100
English as a Second Language (ESL): Yes
Team Sports: Basketball, Cross-Country, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball
Fitness: Aquatics, Circuit Training, Dance, Golf, Outdoor Education, Surfing, Weightlifting, Yoga

Besant Hill School
Besant Hill School

Signature Programs

The Portrait of a Graduate outlines the aggregate educational process Besant Hill School provides students. Each tenet in The Portrait of a Graduate is examined once every four years (one year two are combined), as a theme to the academic year. Over the four years at Besant Hill School, students complete an entire year dedicated to each of the themes.

The Senior Capstone Program provides students with a variety of opportunities to participate in flexible learning activities that promote 21st-century skills. This professional development offering allows students to directly apply the holistic span of their knowledge-base outside of the classroom.

Experiential Learning: Our educational approach begins in the classroom, expands to the community, and eventually takes the learning process into the world at large. Experiential Learning is a practice that engages students in active, hands-on learning, integrating curricular goals with practical and consequential real-life experiences.

Sustainability Education: The intention of sustainability education can be summed up with the term Ecological Literacy. Incorporating ecological literacy is an integral part of the Besant Hill School college preparatory program and educational process. We believe this program ensures our students will develop a critical understanding and appreciation of the natural systems that support life on Earth. An ecologically literate student is solution-oriented and has a developing awareness of the ways in which we are all connected to the world around us, to each other, and to those who will come after us.

Besant Hill School
Besant Hill School

College Counseling

Besant Hill School does not view college admission as “a prize to be won.” It is the result of thoughtful research, preparation, and planning. Hence, the college counseling process is an individualized one, the goal of which is the best possible match between each of our unique students and the college or university that best meets his or her needs.

Our students matriculate to a wide range of institutions, from public universities to small art colleges. Approximately 99% of seniors choose to enroll at four-year institutions, while the remaining 1% may opt to defer admission while taking a gap year or enroll in a two-year school with the plan to transfer to a four-year institution.

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Besant Hill School of Happy Valley

8585 Ojai Santa Paula Road
Ojai, California 93023
Phone: (805) 646-4343 ext. 142
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