Marilyn Waters

Deceased: 1 May 2023

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Marilyn Waters

Dearest Aramco ExPats,

It is with deepest regret I bring news of the death of my wife Marilyn, who passed away on 01 May 2023.

Marilyn worked at Ras Tanura as a secretary for two periods of 6 years, joining Aramco aged 24 years from May 1978 until June 1984 then went home for 6 years to Exeter (UK) to work, then returned to Ras Tanura just after Gulfwar 1 in 1991 to 1996 until getting married to Mike Waters of British Aerospace. Marilyn then spent several years working at the British Consulate in Al Khobar, before leaving KSA in the year 2000 to set up a successful B&B at home.

During Marilyn’s wonderful years in Ras Tanura, she was an active member of the Najmah Belles darts team, loved cycling, and was part of the running group, having competed in marathons through the desert. She would be found at the yacht club at weekends enjoying the sun and sand, and taking out her Laser dinghy, later re-learning to drive again in a Corvette until she got the latest Smart car, as they came out in 1999.

Marilyn had been suffering from breast cancer for 6 years which she fought bravely and without complaint but died suddenly of organ failure after the treatment had failed. Mike was by her side to the end.

Some people will say Aramco changed my life…….. with Marilyn it really did. Until the end she was in regular contact with her many, many friends around the world on a weekly basis, she loved to travel, so it really was her perfect job that she loved.

And to Aramco, a huge thank you from Me, for bringing Marilyn into my life and making it so complete.

Mike Waters
07967 439596

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