Scott H. Harrison

Deceased: 25 August 1971

Under: Obituary

Scott H. Harrison, who came to Arabia as member of what became known as the "Sharswood Group," died unexpectedly last Wednesday in Minneapolis, Minn., while returning to Montana from New York.

Harrison, who retired in 1967 as supervisor of the Survey Unit, arrived in Saudi Arabia early in 1944 after a tense wartime voyage of 55 days aboard the S.S. Sharswood. At the time of his retirement, Harrison held the lowest badge number of any American employee- and many of the Saudi employees with whom he was associated referred to him as "No. 8'.

Most of Harrison's 23-year oil industry career was spent in the Engineering Department, where he was associated with survey projects to establish locations for oil wells, pipelines, roads, the Dammam pier and other facilities. Prior to being overseas, he had done surveying work in his home town of Helena while attending high school and had been associated with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Kaiser Shipyards after attending Montana State College.

Harrison and his wife, the former Elizabeth Bower, were married in 1931. Mrs. Harrison arrived in Dhahran with their three children in 1948.

Survivors include his widow, who can be contacted at 1611 Jerome Place, Helena; one son, John, a member of the Dhahran School faculty; and two daughters, Mrs. Sylvia Egan of Dhahran and Mrs. Sheila Dougherty of Beaverton, Ore.

Harrison attended the wedding of his son John to Miss Maria Cibeu in New York City on August 11. Accompanying him on the return trip to Montana were his wife, Elizabeth and grandson John Egan.

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