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Chatham Hall

At Chatham Hall, we believe that when a young woman steps beyond the boundary of her own comfort zone, she realizes the true power of her potential. Every day across campus, you’ll discover your individual passions, learn to balance joy with challenge, gratitude with ambition, and to champion each other as you begin to weave together informed perspectives that will make up your worldview. With endless opportunities illuminated before you, you’ll feel confident taking the first steps toward a life that is all your own.

Our Community

Chatham Hall is a grades 9-12 girls' boarding school in southern Virginia. Our unique location on 362 scenic acres allows for thoughtful reflection, deep friendships, and a break from the typical distractions. We are invested in all of the experiences that allow you to discover your unique powers. Chatham Hall is currently home to 150 students from 22 states and 11 countries.

Program Highlights

  • Advanced Courses: Advanced Courses allow our faculty and students much greater input and flexibility in the breadth and depth of their studies, as well as the independence to undertake research on topics that may not be covered in depth as determined by the College Board. We pride ourselves on meeting students where they are; our students and faculty are creative, enjoy challenges, and would like to work beyond the limitations of AP curricula to grow in exciting and meaningful ways and ultimately encourage a love for lifelong learning.
  • Athletics & Riding: Chatham Hall devotes 100% of its athletic resources to girls. Athletics and physical wellness are an essential part of the development of the whole girl here. In addition to 9 varsity sports, yoga, dance, and conditioning, we offer a competitive and holistic Riding Program.
  • Global Programs: If you want to learn by doing, Chatham Hall is the place for you. We believe that to equip curious thinkers to lead lives of impact, students must experience a life beyond one’s home. All of our students are fortunate to be able to take part in the wealth of typically offered international and domestic travel opportunities.
Chatham Hall

Our Values

  • We Choose Courage Over Comfort: We push beyond our comfort zone to discover what we are truly capable of and reveal our passions within. We open ourselves to new perspectives and seek to expand our worldview. We learn to take risks—to fail and rebound—and support each other as we redefine what’s possible.
  • We Ignite the Light for Others: Chatham Hall’s door is open to all who value a girls’ education. Grounded in our Episcopal heritage, we create a warm and welcoming environment in which everyone feels at home and included. The breadth of diverse perspectives, faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds create a campus rooted in empathy and respect.
  • We Appreciate the Journey: We seek joy throughout our lives. At Chatham Hall, we encourage our students to be teenagers and enjoy this pivotal stage of their lives. We are present with each other and grateful for our experiences. We are intentionally grounded in balance and wellness, celebrate the little things, lift each other up, and strive to elevate our entire community.
  • We Do the Right Thing: Our Honor Code and Purple & Golden Rule present our shared commitment to living with integrity. This requires strength, courage, and vulnerability. We hold each other accountable to the same level of honesty and trust in all aspects of life, both on campus and off.
  • We Are Our Best Selves: We encourage every member of our community to uncover and become the best version of themselves. To do this, we invest in self-reflection and personal development, and lay a strong foundation of mental and physical well-being. We cultivate the passions that make us who we are. When engaged authentically, we strengthen the entire community.

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