I taught at the Dhahran schools from Dec. '79 through August '86. During that time I taught music and chorus in grades K-5, first at the Central School and later at the Hills School. I was also involved in the community chorus, community band (percussion), ANHA, and the square and round dance clubs. I played in the orchestra for "Man Of La Mancha", sang the soprano role in "Trial By Jury", and was a soloist in the Dhahran chorus production of Vivaldi's "Gloria". In addition, I performed several solo vocal recitals for the community during my years in Dhahran and co-directed in an Early Music ensemble as well.

When I returned to the states, I moved to Vancouver, WA. There I started Alice Olsen Publishing Co. which features materials for classroom music teachers. Over the years I've produced 32 publications, including a video on Arabic musical instruments and songbook on Arabic music. I've written children's choral pieces which were published by Warner Bros. and Hal Leonard and taught teachers training classes and weekend workshop courses on music education.

Several years ago I became interested in music as a healing tool and studied various vibrational healing modalities, presenting them in workshops and creating music that utilized them as well. In 1998, I founded Fat Fish Productions, a record label, with the introduction of my CD, "Lead Me To The Light".

Most recently I've added songwriting to my collection of musical activities, focusing on country, pop and inspirational songs. Please feel free to visit my website at www.aliceolsen.com where you will see more about my music and publications.

Hobbies have included playing Scandinavian music in "Wie Kommer In Frit", a recorder/acoustic guitar duo comprised of myself and my partner, Bob Lawyer. We also play original pieces that we've composed for acoustic guitar and electric bass (my newest instrument). Other interests include Reiki, alternative healing, contra-dancing, gardening and travel.

I am grateful for the experiences that I had while working for ARAMCO. That time continues to hold many fond memories. I'm also grateful for the opportunities I've have been given as a result of that time, including the freedom to pursue my dreams and start my own business.