2022 Hafla Cruise Excursion Highlights

‘I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it!’ – I hope most of you were in Saudi when we were amazed by the ‘5- 6-7-8’ performances to this song. Ah, those amazing, talented performers!!

Well, that’s just the way I feel about this Hafla cruise on the Celebrity Summit that we’ll soon experience. I’ve been asked to write about packing/preparing for this adventure. I’ve researched several YouTubes posted about the Celebrity Summit and learned a few new tips, but nothing like my research today on Celebrity’s own website.

I wish I had found this site many cruises ago, but here you are with a wealth of information:

Cruise Packing List

At this point, I can only add a few comments to let you know what’s on our personal list--well, I should say it’s just my personal list since I do all the packing. I wouldn’t dare show you how many things are already set out in the corner of our closet, but as I said, I’m excited about this cruise. I hope you are too. Here’s what I have:

  • Two new smaller-size suitcases since we don’t want to lug the huge ones from days past.
  • Decorations for our cabin door (flat, lightweight)
  • Removable double-stick tape (for those door decorations)
  • A mini-collection of Saudi memorabilia, just ‘cause.
  • Photocopies of all our documents: Passport, Driver’s license, Airline tickets, vaccinations, medical contacts, prescription info, and insurance that will be in a separate carry-on from the originals.
  • A European adaptor to double our electric outlets onboard, plus the extension cord I always bring.
  • Downloaded apps for communication with family and each other. I have WhatsApp as well as Celebrity’s App. When we’re on the Summit we’ll learn how the Celebrity App and our mobile numbers work for communication with each other without using our cabin WiFi connection.
  • When it comes to packing clothes, shoes, etc. I know I should learn less is more. I’m always guilty of overpacking. Like you, we’ll check weather forecasts, but remember, layering is wise. Even if it’s hot outside, the AC inside might be freezing, so lightweight wraps should be included. We are bringing mostly casual clothing, but for the Gala banquet, my husband will have nice slacks, a sport coat, tie, and dress shirt. I’ll have a dressy top and skirt. Suits and formals are elegant, but we’ll leave elegant dressing up for others. We’re Aramcons, dress as you prefer.
  • We’ll have essentials in a carry-on that the Celebrity recommends and I’ll tuck in a magazine, a puzzle book, and a paperback book or two.
  • Most importantly, I’m bringing my enthusiasm and eagerness to see all of you, my friends! 

Don’t miss the helpful info on the Celebrity website mentioned above. That’s really all we need when we pack.

See you soon, inshallah!!

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