MEOS-GEO 2023 addressed the theme “Today's Realities, Tomorrow's Energy” at Exhibition World Bahrain.

MEOS-GEO 2023 Helps Maximize Aramco’s Reach
Executive VP of Upstream Nasir K. Al-Naimi with Bahraini officials and Aramco Upstream Management during their tour in Aramco Booth.

The merger of two major events — the Middle East Oil & Gas Show (MEOS) and the Middle East Geosciences Conference & Exhibition (GEO) — has resulted in one of the world’s most important energy industry conferences: MEOS-GEO 2023.

Recently held at Exhibition World Bahrain — a new state-of-the-art venue able to accommodate 15,000-plus global energy and technology leaders — MEOS-GEO 2023 addressed the theme “Today's Realities, Tomorrow's Energy.”

The event was run under the patronage of HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and chaired by Faisal N. Al-Nughaimish, Aramco vice president and chief drilling engineer.

MEOS-GEO 2023 Helps Maximize Aramco’s Reach
Faisal N. Al-Nughaimish, Conference chairman, vice president and then chief drilling engineer, Aramco delivering 2023 MEOS-GEO Opening Remarks.

Time of Change

Al-Nughaimish, in his opening remarks, said, “We live in times of momentous and remarkable change and that calls for novel approaches and a fresh kind of thinking. The moment has come, to make way for a new tradition, with the merger of MEOS and GEO: uniting different disciplines, and bringing together our industry's entire value chain under a single roof.”

MEOS-GEO builds on more than 40 years of effective knowledge sharing and networking, and the merged event now covers the upstream industry’s entire value chain in terms of content. Supported by major operators, government, and industry, the conference unites the power of expertise, knowledge, and innovation to address today’s realities and tomorrow’s energy future.

MEOS-GEO showcased innovations across many of the world’s most pertinent topics, including IR 4,0 technologies, sustainability and net zero goals, HSE, human resources, reservoir engineering, and exploration geology and geophysics. Panel sessions saw high-profile speakers addressing some of the most pressing challenges of the day.

MEOS-GEO 2023 Helps Maximize Aramco’s Reach
Executive VP Nasir K. Al-Naimi during CEO Plenary session titled “Today’s Realities, Tomorrow’s Energy”.

Energy Security

Nasir K. Al-Naimi, Aramco executive vice president of Upstream, spoke to the importance of energy security, saying, “The energy crisis the world is facing has brought the importance of energy security back to people’s attention.”

He said that the industry must focus on long-term plans to mitigate uncertainties of the future: “The flaws in the existing energy transition policies will need to be addressed before large, especially long-term investments, will return. Those preferred projects, to achieve a robust global production base, are the ones that offer sufficiently long plateau lives.”

Other Aramco leaders — including Samer S. Al Ashgar, senior vice president of Exploration, Ahmad O. Al-Khowaiter, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Nabil A. Al Nuaim, senior vice president of Information Technology, Saleh Al Saleh, vice president of Characterization and Field Development Geosciences, and Najwa S. Al Azaimi, manager of Public Affairs Special Projects — also shared their experience as part of the panel sessions.

Aramco maximized its reach at the conference with a special booth — thought to be one of the largest ever built by the company for an event of this type — showcasing key industry topics, including upstream technologies, lowering carbon emissions, and sustainability solutions.

— The Arabian Sun: April 03, 2023