NED69ers Mini Reunion-Eid Milan Lunch - July 02, 2017
L to R-Engr. Omar Vowda, Engr. Col ® Syed Zafaruddin Ahmad, Engr. Cdre ® Najmul Hasnain, Engr. Nooruddin Ahmad, Engr. Shahnawaz Ahmad, Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Engr. Muhammad Hamid, Engr. Shareef Ur Rehman Malik, Engr. Syed Jamsheed Rizvi, Engr. Aqleem Aleem, Engr. Tariq Said Bukhari

The NED69ers Group graduated in 1969 from the NED Government Engineering College Karachi and is spread all over the globe and are all connected with each other on e-mails and do meet occasionally in Karachi or any part of the world just to refresh their sweet old memories.

Engr. Col ® Syed Zafaruddin Ahmad is living in Islamabad; he decided to meet all old buddies who available in Karachi to celebrate Eid Milan Party at Karachi Golf Club on July 02, 2017. We started communication with all NED69ers who are available in Karachi. The attendees were as follows:

  • Engr. Col ® Syed Zafaruddin Ahmad - The Host
  • Engr. Nooruddin Ahmed - NED66-Civil-Special Guest
  • Engr. Syed Jamsheed Rizvi - Ex-IEP President
  • Engr. Omar Vowda-NED69ers - Mech.
  • Engr. Cdre ® Najmul Hasnain - NED69ers-Mech.
  • Engr. Shahnawaz Ahmad-NED69ers - Civil-LA USA
  • Engr. Muhammad Hamid-NED69ers - Mech
  • Engr. Shareef Ur Rehman Malik - NED69ers-Elec.
  • Engr. Aqleem Aleem-NED69ers - Mech
  • Engr. Tariq Said Bukhari-NED69ers - Elec.
  • Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan-NED69ers - Mech.

The friends who could not attend the party due to various reasons are as follows:

  • Engr. Mohammad Anwer - NED69ers Mech-Family Commitments
  • Engr. Sammadullah Khan - NED69ers Mech-To go with his daughter at the examination centre
  • Engr. Mohammad Akber Ismial - NED69ers Civil-Family Commitments
  • Engr. Arshad Baig Chugtai - NED69ers Mech-Gone to Hyderabad for Soyem Fateha
  • Engr. Rahmatullah Gunaai - NED69ers Elec-Left for Punjab on an emergency
  • Engr. Iqbal Hameed - NED69ers Mech-Went for a family picnic
  • Engr. Abul Hasan Jafri - NED69ers Elec-Due to his Left eye Cataract Surgery could not attend
  • Engr. Mahtab Alam Khan - NED69ers Elec-Left for KSA a day ahead of the party
  • Engr. Babar Ghaznavi - NED69ers Mech-No response on either of his contact numbers.

Engr. Shahnawaz Ahmad came for a week especially to attend the surprised 75th Happy Birthday Party for his elder brother Engr. Nooruddin Ahmad arranged by the children of Engr. Nooruddin.

All the friends wished Engr. Nooruddin Ahmad a very Happy Birthday and welcome Shahnawaz to join NED69ers Mini Reunion. Engr. Shahnawaz Ahmad invited all the friends to join the 7th NED69ers Reunion Function scheduled to be held in Houston USA on November 10 thru 12 2017. Engr. Jawaid Saeedi-Engr.  Abdul Majeed Adam and Engr. Moin Khan are the organizer of the function.

Engr. Zafaruddin Ahmad reminded to include Engr. Col ® Zia Siddiqui and Engr. Qaiser Imam in all our future reunion parties in Karachi.

The food was very delicious and was very well served. The dessert and the green tea was the last item served. We all enjoyed the food and the informative discussion before and during the lunch. We all thanked Engr. Col ® Syed Zafaruddin Ahmad for the lunch and the reunion of NED69ers.

Last but not the least we prayed for the Mugfarat of our friends Engr. Moin Raza-Engr. Mohammad Saleem Qadri and Mrs. Pervez Randhawa.

Finally we had few group pictures for remembrance and we departed with good wishes to meet soon Insha Allah with a pledge to be in touch with each other.

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