Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization
The students inside the Mudersa compound


In year 2013 we took up a Mudersa Rehmat Ul Alameen established in a small house in Korangi, teaching Quran by Qari Saifullah. After the initial start, the setup was expanded.

Following branches were added gradually.

  • Teaching of Quran in two shifts.
  • Stitching Classes for Girls.
  • Micro Financing.
  • Welfare Schemes.
  • Medical Support.
  • Computer LearningPrograms


Due to multidirectional role of the organization, it was renamed as "Rehmat-ul-Alameen Welfare Organization" The functions are elaborated in the succeeding paragraphs.


The children are learning Quran in two shifts. Qari Saifullah and a lady teacher are performing the duties. A third teacher is appointed to teach Quranic Arabic to elder students. The teaching is free.


Stitching School was established in May 2013. Thirteen good quality machines were provided.  The fee was kept low, Rs 100 per month. The school is functional for the last 4years. Quite a number of girls have learnt stitching and have started business in their homes. The machines are provided on installments by microfinance setup of RAWO.


To facilitate people to establish their own business, a Micro Finance Facility was established in December 2013 which proved to be successful. The beneficiaries are poor people. Micro Finance Setup provides small loans  to start their business. At present there are more than 180 beneficiaries, with Rs 80,000 to 90,000 monthly return of installment and Rs 8 Lacs are in circulation.

  • Small Shops by Women: House wives with Rs. 5000/ loan, open small shops on a mat spread at their door step.The pay back is 100%  usually @ Rs500pm.
  • Loans for Small Set Up. Selling Vegetables, Fruits, Second Hand Cloth and Small Articles sell on Thailas. (Hand Push Carts). Loans from Rs.10, 000 to 20,000 are taken which are usually  returned @ Rs1000 to 2000. Per month.
  • Loans for Machines: The persons working for others, took loans up to Rs20,000  to purchase their own machines , earning Rs300 to Rs 400 daily  returned the loan in few  months.


Under this scheme, welfare of the families are covered in shape of:

  • Educational Support: The poor families with 3 to 4 School going children, cannot afford to purchase sets of books worth Rs1200 to Rs1600 per child. They are provided books with token money. Similarly 8 copies per child @ Rs40 per copy are provided to deserving students.Rs.55,000 were incurred But due to financial constrains more students could not been accommodated.
  • Monthly Ration Support: Program was launched under the Welfare Scheme. Selected families get monthly rations for an amount of Rs 5000/ from the grocery shops in the vicinity at a discount of 10%. Only ration is provided no cash is given.( Rs 2000/ cash per family is given before Eid,).
  • Clothes for Eid: Boys and girls are provided new cloths in Eid. There are more than 200 girls and boys enlisted for new dresses. Cloth is purchased from the whole sale market stitching is done at Stitching School by the teachers and the students. The whole program itself is a costly affair to a tune Rs 1,50,000.


A scheme is executed to provide medical cover. A clinic is situated near RAWO charges Rs. 50/- per patient for the prescription only. After Coordination, he agreed to charge Rs 25 per patients referred by RAWO.The patients pay Rs.10 at RAWO. The doctor treats the patient free of charge and gets his payment at the end of the month. Hence Medical Cover to each patient costs Rs.15/ to the organization. The doctor has been instructed to provide full cover with medicines to serious patients especially to children who need drip in loose motion dehydration cases which are quite common.


A computer institute has been established for boys and girls in a two room rented house in Korangi. There are ten computers one stand by generator.One male, one female teacher, an overall supervisor. The initial investment is of Rs 1.75 lacs. The courses offered are;

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Power Point
  • In Page(Urdu composition)
  • Photoshop

The institute is operated during the, afternoons .The fee structure of other computer institutes in Korangi is from Rs 3000/.per course, whereas, we charge Rs 400 per month for the entire course. Our aim is to prepare students so that they can get a job.


The welfare of a society has unlimited dimensions and scopes with unending expenditures. As a first step an organization has been formed, from where a wide range of welfare schemes can be launched. The scope and extent can be enhanced with the increase in the resources. Presently with collective efforts in an organized manner with meager resources, some positive results have been achieved. Though on a wider screen, the present welfare work is negligible but still some positive contributions to the society have been made. Cooperation, dua and God blessing is required to maintain the present level and also to enhance the welfare work to new heights.


Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization
Lt. Col. (R) Javed Majid Siddiqui
Phone: +92-346-2052544

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