Rules of the Road for Men by Andrew J. Guinosso

Retired Aramcon Andrew J. Guinosso wrote Rules of the Road for Men offering some "common-sense rules of the road that will serve most men well in these tumultuous times regardless of education, pay grade or previous life experience."

In a recent interview with Andrew, we took the opportunity to find out what prompted him to embark on this book project and we learned that he has other books in the works as well. He shared the following:

My passion is writing. My purpose in life is to help others. I have lived for almost 80 years and I believe the marriage of a man and woman, followed by the start of a family, is the core of all civilizations that I have knowledge of, whether Western, Eastern, Middle Eastern, etc. This book is my contribution to lighting the way back to that essential tradition.

ROR has been a book idea of mine for about 10 years. Years ago, I wrote an entry in my life journal that stated I wanted to write a book for men on how to choose a life partner. The basis for that statement in my journal was the many conversations I had had with young men and women and the confusion they felt when trying to understand the relationship game in today's America. The rules apparently had changed and no one whom I talked with understood what had happened and why. That initial statement morphed into the four sections and the appendix that are presented in ROR. In compiling the four sections, I have read widely and have collected ideas along the way that made sense. The key finding is this: there is much nonsense that has been written about men and women and their relationships. My sense is that men and women complement one another and they must cooperate and work together for the survival of the species. Both are necessary and play critical roles.

I wrote ROR while living in San Francisco during 2022 and published it in December. The book is now available on Amazon. I am revising the book in the second quarter of 2023 and will be publishing it as a second edition.

I have two book projects in process that will be published in 2023: The Success Diamond and The Leadership Diamond—Two Books In One and The Only Restaurant Guide You Will Ever Need—How to Start Up and Operate a Restaurant Efficiently, Effectively, and Profitably which is based on my experience with starting up and operating two Italian restaurants with a business partner; we operated the two restaurants for seven years in total. I made every mistake possible during those seven years and my little book will, I hope, help others to avoid making those same mistakes.

Most Aramcons are adventurers and doers, at least the ones I met during my years in Saudi. There is nothing earth-shattering in ROR. Those Aramcons who are students of life will find it of value because I believe many of the ideas, but not all, will resonate with them. As I stated in ROR, I believe that what I have written is true. The reader, whether male or female, will have to decide the truth and value of what I have written for himself or herself.


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Andrew J. Guinosso

About the Author

Andrew J. Guinosso worked in Saudi Aramco for almost 25 years in many of the Company's business functions in various management roles and as a chief of staff for two business lines and two administrative areas. He has lived in eight countries and worked in five of them. He is a published author, a former restauranteur, an opinion blogger, a crypto entrepreneur, and a mentor at heart. Currently, he lives in Reno, Nevada, and can be contacted using his business email address:

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