Shaikh Amin's Encounters with Aramcons: A Photo Series - Photo 8
Stephen Field, Shaikh Amin, Bert Seal and Lynda Seal Field

Shaikh Amin, retired chief photographer of Aramco, recently went on his yearly tour of the USA to attend the annual Photographic Society of America conference and spend time with his family and friends. In this photo, Shaikh sits with his Aramco friend Bert Seal along with Bert's daughter Lynda and Lynda's husband Stephen. In the photo, Shaikh is discussing his present trip to the USA and Canada with Bert's family.

Shaikh writes, "I have been visiting Bert Seal for more than 23 years in San Diego whenever I am in the USA. I stay with him and enjoy his company because we both are in the same profession and learn from the experiences of each other. Bert always takes me to his daughter’s home to meet her lovely family."

In this photo, from left to right:

Stephen Field, Bert’s son-in-law, works in the graphics and printing industry and moved to San Diego, California as a boy from Montreal, Canada.

Bert Seal worked as a Public Relations photographer for Aramco for five years from 1955 to 1960. He came back 22 years later in 1982 and worked as a contract photographer for six months as 1982 was the 50th anniversary of Aramco and they were doing some extra photography. He visited Saudi Arabia in 2009 and 2015 to attend the Aramco KSA Reunions.

Lynda Seal Field is Bert's daughter and has been teaching middle school science for 22 years, and still enjoying it. She accompanied Bert for the Aramco KSA Reunion in 2015 and had a memorable time there. Bert’s granddaughter Ruby just returned from Spain after teaching English after a year, and his grandson Sam is currently working in Melbourne, Australia for a year.

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