R. P. Matera

30 September 1952

R. P. Matera, an Aramco employee died in a diving accident September 30.

J. A. Limbeck and N. Mclester

17 August 1952

Boiler #1 at the Abqaiq power plant exploded Sunday, August 17th, shortly before noon.

William S. Scribner

2 July 1952

The New York Office advised word was received of the death of William S. "Bill" Scribner on July 2nd in California.

Max Steineke

23 April 1952

Aramco and the petroleum world last week mourned the death of Max Steineke, for many years the company's chief geologist and the man who "more than anyone else… is entitled to credit for discovering the large oil reserves which have been found in Saudi Arabia."

Earl Loran Parker

17 December 1923 - 10 March 1952

Earl Loran Parker, on March 10, due to motorcycle accident. He was born in Kansas City, Mo., on December 17, 1923.

Samuel Murlen Hockett

9 August 1903 - 29 February 1952

Samuel Murlen Hockett, on Friday, February 29, 1952.

Carl "Pop" Pfefferkom

24 February 1952

Carl "Pop" Pfefferkom, on Sunday, February 24, 1952, the result of a head-on collision near Gilroy, California (between San Jose and Salinas). The driver of the other car was also killed and was blamed completely by authorities for the accident. At the time of the accident Carl was alone.

James Guy Perry

16 January 1912 - 10 January 1952

We regret to announce the passing of James Guy Perry on January 10, 1952, of natural causes.

Hallie Franklin Hubbard

20 December 1900 - 11 November 1951

Hallie Franklin Hubbard, on November 11, 1951, in his sleep. Hallie Hubbard arrived in Saudi Arabia on January 15, 1950 as Foreman (Crafts) for the Saudi Government Railroad.

Thurman William Arnold

7 March 1911 - 10 November 1951

Thurman William Arnold - on November 10, 1951, accidental death.

John H. King

10 September 1951

News of the death of John H. King (Training Hdqrs) in New York on September 10, 1951, arrived after last week's edition went to Press.

Edward Glenn Allen

10 October 1890 - 3 August 1951

We regret to announce the death of Edward Glenn Allen on August 3, 1951.