Henry Clyde (Heinie) Snyder

4 June 1960

Henry Clyde (Heinie) Snyder died of a cerebral hemorrhage June 4 in Franklin, Pa.

Mr. George F. Von Bieberstein, Sr.

2 May 1960

Mr. George F. Von Bieberstein, Sr., died in Ras Tanura, Monday, May 2, while attending a District Management Luncheon given in his honor, where he was to be presented a service award for 40 years employment with Aramco and Texaco, Inc.

Carlita Plumb

28 April 1960

Miss Carlita Plumb, whose retirement from Aramco was effective April 1, died in Los Angeles, Calif., at 6 p.m. April 28.

Wilfred M. Jones

23 March 1960

Mrs. Wilfred M. Jones, for whom funeral services were held last Saturday in Dhahran, had been a resident of Dhahran since June, 1949.

Howard Copeland

28 January 1960

Howard Copeland, Senior Staff School teacher, died Jan. 28 in Nariyah.

Romus Eugene Arnold, 30, Donald Eugene Brooks, 27, and Robert D. Fraser, 30

30 December 1959

Three American employees of Aramco, Romus Eugene Arnold, 30, Donald Eugene Brooks, 27, and Robert D. Fraser, 30 were killed Wednesday, Dec. 30, in the crash of a Beaver aircraft in the rugged desert terrain of southern Rub al-Khali.

Anthony R. Tacconi

18 December 1959

Anthony R. Tacconi, Supervisor Cargo Inspection Clearing and Forwarding, Traffic division, Materials Supply Traffic and Transportation department.

Irene Rucidlo

1 October 1959

Irene Rucidlo, wife of Bernard J. Rucidlo, Craft Supervisor, Transportation, Maintenance Service, died Thursday, Oct.

Dorothy Davis

2 July 1959

Mrs. Dorothy Davis,wife of R. H. Davis, who has been assigned to Aramco's New York office since December, 1957, died in New York City Thursday night, July 2, after a long illness.

Khamis ibn Mohammed Rimthan

21 June 1959

Khamis ibn Mohammed Rimthan, gifted guide, instinctive geographer and long-time employee of Aramco, died Sunday, June 21, at the Dhahran Health Center.

Lloyd L. Moore

22 April 1959

Lloyd L. Moore, Coordinator, Personnel division, Industrial Relations, General Office, Dhahran, died April 22 in New York City, where he was a patient at the George F. Baker Pavilion.

George Mitchell Brown

19 January 1959

George Mitchell Brown, 51, IBBI employee, died in Riyadh at noon Sunday.