Michael T. Frankos

Deceased: 27 April 1969

Under: Obituary

Michael T. Frankos of Dhahran's Engineering Department died Sunday, April 27, in the U.S.

Mr. Frankos joined Aramco in 1946 and arrived in Dhahran in October of that year to work as an electrical engineer. He was promoted to senior engineer in 1954 and four years later transferred from General Office Engineering to the Plants and Pipelines Department.

He moved to District Engineering in Abqaiq in 1962 and on April 1, 1968, returned to Dhahran as a member of the Technical Services Division, Engineering Department.

He is survived by his wife, Rita Maria Frankos, who may be contacted c/o Mrs. M. Floreani, Schmiedenweg 12, Zuchwil-Solothurn, Switzerland. [Photograph]

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