Photo of the Week - Summer 2023

Contributed by Doug Webb, SA Syed Khalid Hussain, Mohammed Ifteqaruddin, Steve Ford, The Stevens Family, Ward Whitley through Jack Clippers, Colleen Wilson, Al McKeegan, Aramco ExPats, Helmut Bock on 31 May 2023

Under: Photo of the Week
Rolling Hills Golfers Beat Charlie Johnson 2023 KSA Reunion Tour Grandson With Aramco Souvenir SA Syed Khalid Hussain, Badge #75294 Dhahran Poster Girl - 1950s Abqaiq Ski Team in Austria - 1985 Aramco Bag Ras Tanura Anniversary Party - December 6, 1953 Teens from the Early Days Dhahran Guest House - 2002 Century Riders on the Road to Batha - 2006
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