Al-Ghawar Tent in Udhailiyah

The newest addition to the Udhailiyah community is the Al-Ghawar Tent which is situated off of the Jebel Perimeter Road near the old Communication Tower No. 2. This location was always a favorite retreat for the returning students mainly because of its isolation.

Al-Ghawar Tent  in Udhailiyah

The tent was constructed by a local company in Al Khobar in December of 2000 and completed five months later. It is a beautiful Arab tent complete with traditional majlis style chairs around the outside walls leaving the center of the room open. Crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling finishing off the mystique aura. The walls are decorated in a green fleur de lie style pattern which compliments the green carpets creating a calming atmosphere within.

The capacity is approximately 100 people.

The location is perfect as the 747 Jebel overshadows it giving all who visit a calm and secure state of mind. When looking out from the landscaped patio area, one can see most of the community spread out before you.

Saudi Aramco Al-Ghawar Tent

The Al-Ghawar tent is used for private as well as community functions being reserved through Recreation. During the holy month of Ramadan, it is used nightly as a venue for breaking the fast.

It is a most welcome addition to the community.