Karachi Hit by Bad Heat Waves

Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, presents an interesting and colorful combination of the old and new. During a couple of weeks, the worst heat wave hit southern Pakistan, mainly in Karachi, killing more than twelve hundred people. While the peak of the heat has passed, unusual warmth will persist for the foreseeable future. The experts from the meteorology department predict that another heat wave is likely to hit southern Pakistan, mainly Karachi, in the coming few days. For the last five years, Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association (SAEEA) had been successfully organizing activities in Karachi. Almost all the members of SAEEA are retirees from Saudi Aramco and are over sixty years in age. Therefore, the possibility of them being stricken during the heat waves is strong. SAEEA has continuously been in touch with its distinguished members to offer help and advice. Three SAEEA officers—Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Vice President; Muhammad Salim Hamid, Finance Secretary; and Shafiq Ahmed Khan, Joint Secretary, along with the latter’s two sons,—have been suffering from heat strokes. The wife of SAEEA’s ex-Finance Secretary has also been affected by this heat and is receiving treatment at a local hospital. All of them are taking medication and hope to return back to their normal lives soon. One new SAEEA Member, Syed Mahmood Ali, who joined SAEEA very recently, is also a victim of the bad weather. All friends are requested to pray for the fast recovery for them and for all other members of SAEEA who may be suffering from the heat. Last but not the least, I request that all SAEEA Members pray for the good health of Mohammad Abdul Matin-a founding member of SAEEA-who is always in touch with the SAEEA membership, keeping them informed and inquiring of their welfare via text messages and phone calls, and keeping all of us well-informed of what is happening with our fellow members. Attached in printable form are some health alerts related to these heat waves. We hope this information will benefit all SAEEA members as well as the citizens and residents of Karachi. All the SAEEA Members are requested to read these instructions and follow them for their benefit. We wish to see all of our members in good health.

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