Shaikh Amin's Encounters with Aramcons: A Photo Series - Photo 6

Shaikh Amin visits Pervais (Payee) Butt, younger brother of the late Yousaf Butt, in Mississauga, Ontario.

Yousaf was well known to his friends and colleagues as Joe. He joined Aramco as a file clerk in August 1954 and advanced to administrator of the Crude and Gas Products Division, Financial Accounting Department. Joe died suddenly in his sleep in 1978.

Shaikh says whenever he goes to Canada to visit Aramco friends, he always pays a visit to this family and stays with them to refresh old memories of Joe with whom he had a personal family friendship for 23 years.

Shaikh asked Payjee’s son, Yousaf, to take a photo of them in front of Payjee's house before leaving for New York.

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