Ahmed Essa Lemsalley

18 April 1964

Ahmed Essa Lemsalley, age 41, a native of Tarut Island, came to work for Aramco in April, 1940, and the following year became operator at the Dhahran stabilizer.

DeMont Stevens

21 March 1964

DeMont Stevens, Aramco retiree who left Saudi Arabia last September, died in Florida on March 21.

Stanley A. O'Hara

10 March 1964

Former Aramco employee Stanley A. O'Hara died of a heart attack on March 10 in Westchester, 111.

Myra Harriet Zink

13 January 1964

Myra Harriet Zink, senior nurse anesthetist of the Dhahran Medical Department, died at 3:40 on the afternoon of January 13 in Dhahran, following a short illness.

William Alexander Campbell

8 October 1900 - 27 December 1963

William Alexander Campbell, Tapline's vice president of Government Relations, died of a brain tumor at the Khoury Hospital in Beirut late Friday evening, December 27.

Sushila Elizabeth

22 December 1963

My wife and I wish to express our appreciation to all our friends and benefactors who shared our hopes during the short life of our daughter Sushila Elizabeth who passed away on December 22.

John Emmet Kelly

11 September 1963

Word has been received from Frank Dixon, Scottsdale, Arizona, of the death, on September 11, of John Emmet Kelly, former Aramco employee.

Keith Williamson

23 June 1963

Keith Williamson, son of Mr. and Mrs. George A.Williamson of Ras Tanura, died at Memorial Hospital, New York City, June 23.

James C. Stewart

19 June 1963

James C. Stewart, senior translation analyst, Local Government Relations department, Dhahran, died suddenly on June 19.

William Leo Thompson

27 May 1963

Word has been received that William Leo Thompson died on May 27 in San Antonio, Texas.

William R. Fairbank

24 May 1963

Mrs. William R. Fairbank of Ras Tanura died on May 24 in the Dhahran Health Center.

Caroline Ruth Fallen

11 April 1963

Memorial services were held in the Theater on April 13 for Caroline Ruth Fallen, who died April 11 at the Abqaiq hospital.