Eugene “Gene” Gordon Norberg

25 July 1922 - 26 July 2000

Eugene “Gene” Gordon Norberg, 78, of Tower, died Wednesday, July 26, 2000, at the Virginia Arrowhead Health Care Center.

Walter F. Egbers

9 November 1932 - 31 May 2000

Walter F. Egbers, born November 9, 1939, died on May 31, 2000. He worked for Aramco from the Summer of 1959 and left in December of 1967, then returned to Aramco in 1978 and retired in November of 1992.

Richard Benton

18 May 1930 - 30 May 2000

Richard Benton, 70, of Boulder City died May 30, 2000 in a local hospital. He was born March 18, 1930, in New York City.

Lester M. Snyder

13 June 1905 - 10 February 2000

Lester M. Snyder, a retired vice president and member of the board of the Arabian-American Oil Company (ARAMCO), died February 10, 2000 in Walnut Creek at the age of 94.

Elmer William Stanley

8 May 1999

Elmer William Stanley ’36, May 8, 1999, in Washington. Elmer received a bachelor’s degree from Reed in general literature.

Michael "Capp" Candler

5 October 1998

Michael "Capp" Candler of Gabriola Island, age 47, an Aramco Brat, died peacefully at home on October 5th, 1998, surrounded by his friends and loved ones.

James Henry Ott

10 September 1998

James Henry Ott, A Retired Engineer For Aramco Oil Co., Died Thursday, September 10, 1998 of Cancer At His Home.

Catherine S. "Kit" Gilmer

22 November 1996

Catherine S. "Kit" Gilmer, 74, of Belleair died Nov. 22 at home. A native of Tampa, she moved to this area in 1981 from Saudi Arabia.

Dr. J. Gillis Wetter

6 January 1995

The sudden and painfully premature death of Dr J. Gillis Wetter on 6 January, 1995, at the age of 63, is a source of grief to his many friends in the international arbitral community.

William E. Mulligan

14 December 1992

William E. Mulligan died in Manchester, New Hampshire on December 14, 1992. William E. Mulligan was born in 1918.

John Jacob Kelberer

14 August 1946 - 23 June 1991

John Jacob Kelberer, the last American to serve as chairman and chief executive of the Arabian American Oil Company, or Aramco, died Wednesday at his home in Austin, Texas.

James Earl Gourley

30 April 1991

James Earl Gourley died April 30th, 1991, after about a year of illness from a form of stomach cancer.