Elizabeth M. Moore

27 December 1962

Miss Elizabeth M. Moore of Dhahran died suddenly December 27.

W. E. (Reka) Richards

2 December 1962

Mrs. W. E. (Reka) Richards died suddenly December 2 aboard ship enroute to South Africa, according to word received last week from W. E. Richards, her husband.

Ann Salisbury Lovell

29 August 1962

Mrs. Ann Salisbury Lovell of Dhahran died suddenly, August 29, in Eureka, Calif, of a coronary thrombosis, while on long vacation.

Ibrahim 'Ali Al-Mohammed

15 August 1962

Ibrahim 'Ali Al-Mohammed, Refrigerated Liquefied Petroleum Gas Plant operator, died in the Dhahran Health Center Thursday as a result of bums sustained when Ras Tanura's LPG plant caught fire.

Robert S. Fleharty

2 August 1962

Robert S. Fleharty, supervisor of the Photography and Reproduction unit, died last Thursday morning, August 2, in Garden Grove, Calif.

Alice Masso

9 June 1962

Mrs. Alice Masso, wife of Edward J. Masso, accounting analyst in the General Accounting department, died suddenly at the Dhahran Health Center on June 9, following a brief illness.

William A. Eddy

9 March 1896 - 3 May 1962

William A. Eddy, 67, distinguished diplomat, educator and soldier, who spent most of his life in the Middle East, died on May 3 in Beirut of cerebral thrombosis.

Nelson Franklin Fate

22 November 1961 - 14 March 1962

Nelson Franklin Fate, infant son of Donald and Margaret Fate, died last week in Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, following heart surgery. The baby had been born in Dhahran Hospital Nov. 22, 1961.

John E. Huss

9 March 1962

John E. Huss of Ras Tanura died last Friday morning after a short illness. Funeral services were held in the Theater Monday morning.

George Matthews

22 November 1919 - 15 September 1961

George Matthews drowned Friday, Sept. 15, while skin diving in approximately 20 feet of water at Half Moon Bay.

V. K. Antony

22 August 1961

Mrs. V. K. Antony died at 12:45 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 22, at the Dhahran Health Center.

Edwin W. Hannay

19 August 1961

Edwin W. Hannay, Marine Superintendent, Ras Tanura Marine division, died unexpectedly, Saturday, Aug. 19, in Copenhagen, while en route back to Ras Tanura from long vacation.