William E. Mulligan

14 December 1992

William E. Mulligan died in Manchester, New Hampshire on December 14, 1992. William E. Mulligan was born in 1918.

John Jacob Kelberer

14 August 1946 - 23 June 1991

John Jacob Kelberer, the last American to serve as chairman and chief executive of the Arabian American Oil Company, or Aramco, died Wednesday at his home in Austin, Texas.

James Earl Gourley

30 April 1991

James Earl Gourley died April 30th, 1991, after about a year of illness from a form of stomach cancer.

Allen A. Milks

7 April 1917 - 27 April 1991

Allen A. Milks [SRGP 40422], 74, of Sherwood Manor Apts., Mansfield, died on Saturday, April 27, 1991 at the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro. Born April 7, 1917 in Perrysburg, NY, he was the son of George B. and Carol R. Allen Milks.

Richard Carvel Hasson

26 April 1923 - 24 January 1990

Richard C. Hasson died in Fort Pierce, Florida, on January 24, 1990, at the age of 66.

Thomas C. Barger

30 June 1986

Thomas C. Barger, former president and chief executive officer of the Arabian American Oil Company, died of Parkinson's disease June 30 in San Diego.

Milton "Mickey" Barlow

1 December 1985

Milton "Mickey" Barlow, 83, of Tacoma, a former field engineer for Pacific Car and Foundry Co. of Seattle, died Sunday, December 1, 1985.

Archibald 'Archie' Wallace Anderson

25 May 1939 - 3 March 1985

Archibald 'Archie' Wallace Anderson passed away on March 3, 1985. He worked as a Rotating Equipment Specialist from January 1974 to March 1985 when he died in service.

Pearl G. Henderson

5 January 1985

Pearl G. Henderson died on January 5, 1985 in Salinas, California. Pearl is the wife of R. Miller Henderson who worked in the electrical department in Ras Tanura from 1944 to the late 50s/60s.

Robert I. Brougham

8 June 1983

Robert I. Brougham, former chairman and chief executive officer of the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO), died June 8, 1983 at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, Calif. He was 74 years old and lived in La Jolla.

William Bill Robert Cooper

19 October 1906 - 25 August 1981

Bill graduated as a Civil Engineer from Yale University, New Haven Connecticut in the class of 1928.

Michael D. Copenhaver

11 December 1980

Funeral services will be held in Quaro, Texas for Michael D. Copenhaver of Ras Tanura who died at the age of 40, as a result of a motor vehicle accident on Dec. 11.