James C. Stirton

27 August 1969

James C. Stirton, who was with Aramco and owner companies for nearly 38 years, died Friday evening in Amsterdam, it was learned here Monday.

Everett K. Payne

16 May 1969

Everett K. Payne, who left Saudi Arabia on repatriation vacation last month, died in California on Friday, May 16.

Mrs. H.C. (Laura) Wideman, Jr.

30 April 1969

Abqaiq resident Mrs. H.C. (Laura) Wideman, Jr., died last Wednesday, April 30, in Mobile, Ala., while the family was on repatriation leave.

Michael T. Frankos

27 April 1969

Michael T. Frankos of Dhahran's Engineering Department died Sunday, April 27, in the U.S.

Veryle L. Brown

12 April 1969

Veryle L. Brown died suddenly last Saturday night, April 12, in Dhahran.

Lt. William L. Owen, Jr.

17 November 1944 - 11 April 1969

Burial services were held at Arlington National Cemetery on Friday, April 18, for 2nd Lt. William L. Owen, Jr., killed in action in Vietnam on April 11.

George H. Whitbeck

13 February 1969

George H. Whitbeck, 41, of Dhahran, died last Thursday afternoon, Feb. 13, in New York. Funeral services were held Feb. 15 at Delmar, N.Y.

R.C. (Velma) Linton

3 June 1918 - 11 February 1969

Memorial services were held for Mrs, R.C. (Velma) Linton on Thursday morning, Feb. 13, at the Abqaiq Theater. Mrs. Linton died on Feb. 11 at the Dhahran Health Center of a heart attack.

William S. Kelly

5 January 1969

William S. Kelly, former Aramcon well known to Dhahran and the local community, died following a massive stroke last Sunday, Jan. 5, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Charles E. Wright

3 December 1968

Word has been received announcing the death of Charles E. Wright on Dec. 3 in Denver, Colo.

Loretta Clare Morgan

18 July 1968

Loretta Clare Morgan, wife of Dr. Ivor I. Morgan, previously of Dhahran, died on July 18, 1968 in San Antonio, Tex.

Lynn B. Milam, Jr.

12 July 1968

Mrs. Lynn B. Milam, Jr. of Dhahran died July 12, 1968 in Cork, Ireland, following a brief illness.