Richard Lewis Montoney

2 May 1971

Memorial services were held in Dhahran Sunday, May 2, for Richard Lewis Montoney, a resident of the community for the past 23 years, who died last Wednesday in the Dhahran Health Center. Mr. Montoney, 59, had been hospitalized for six weeks.

Dora Rose Reed

8 April 1971

The company has been notified of the death of Dora Rose Reed in New York on Thursday, April 8.

John Pendleton

31 March 1971

John Pendleton, vice president, Government Relations (U.S.A) died in Washington, D.C., last Wednesday, March 31, following open-heart surgery.

Maurine Ries

23 November 1970

Maurine Ries, wife of Aramco employee Victor Ries of Najmah, died Nov. 23 in Houston, Tex., following heart surgery.

Roy Frederick Bolles

7 July 1952 - 9 August 1970

A motorcycle accident last Sunday morning, Aug. 9, took the life of Roy Frederick Bolles, 18-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Bolles.

Mercedes Goodyear

8 April 1970

Miss Mercedes Goodyear, 28, daughter of late Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Goodyear, was one of the victims of the Royal Air Maroc airline crash south of Casablanca, Morocco, last Wednesday.

Floyd C. McGough

5 April 1970

The company has received word of the death of former Aramcon Floyd C. McGough on April 5.

Quincy J. Lowman, Jr.

29 March 1970

Quincy J. Lowman, Jr., manager of Southern Area Producing, died suddenly in Beirut on March 29 at the age of 46.

Dr. Wray J. Tomlinson

12 January 1970

Dr. Wray J. Tomlinson, 58, the company's chief pathologist for nearly 10 years, died unexpectedly early Monday evening, Jan. 12.

Lance C. (Bill) Lundy

27 March 1923 - 7 January 1970

Memorial Services were held Sunday in Dhahran for Lance C. (Bill) Lundy, 46, who was killed about 8 a.m. on January 7 when the pickup truck he was driving overturned.

Mrs. R. F. (Elaine) McGrath

22 October 1969

Memorial services were held for Mrs. R. F. (Elaine) McGrath on Monday morning, Oct. 27, at the Dhahran Theater.

Joseph Ralph Chavez Jr.

3 September 1969

Joseph Ralph Chavez Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Chavez of Najmah, was fatally injured on Wednesday, September 3, on the Ras Tanura Dhahran highway in a motor vehicle accident.